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Center for Research & Advancement of Frontier Technologies

Azerbaijan M-Residency for digital nomads

  M-Residency! Yes, for those who are not aware of that it’s such a surprise. Azerbaijan is the second country that introduced not only e-Residency, but m-Residency, what’s more! The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication of the Republic of Azerbaijan has granted m-Residency to the CEO of CRAFT VENTURES on 15th July…
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PulmCrit – Splitting 1 ventilator to provide support to 4 patients

EMCrit “COVID-19 might out-strip the number of mechanical ventilators available to us.  This has led to interest in using a single ventilator to support multiple patients.  This post will review the theory and evidence regarding this (Download). “ Bedrock principle:  Patient-Ventilator Independence. Normally, we adjust the ventilator so that the ventilator is adapted well to suit…
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