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Over 1,000 victims, 126 dead, just 2 convictions: 6 years of mass shootings in Chicago

Despite the skyrocketing number of shootings wounding four or more people in the city, the Chicago Police Department’s chief of detectives said solving the cases isn’t prioritized over other shootings. Just before dusk on a muggy night in late June, an SUV crept toward a crowd waiting outside a fast food joint on an otherwise…
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Gun Control Tech Exists. But It Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass Add New shooting, a look at the tech that does—and doesn’t—exist to make guns more secure. In the aftermath of mass shootings in the United States, like Sunday evening’s Las Vegas tragedy that killed at least 58 people and wounded over 500, a debate often emerges about…
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How Guns Got Smarter

The marketplace might finally be catching up to science fiction As any science-fiction fan knows, a smart gun is designed to work only for the person authorized to use it. Since the 19th century, Smith & Wesson, Colt, and even Silicon Valley have all attempted to disrupt the now-multibillion dollar gun industry and bring a…
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